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What can TraceCloud do for you?
Put a structure around your project

Define Requirement Types, Attributes, Roles , Users & Permissions.

Import from Excel & Word and have a centralized view
Connect & Trace
Connect Requirements to downstream objects.

Identify Missed work, Suspect Traces & Release Risk.

See Trace Matrix and Trace Tree views of your work
Control & Collaborate
Collabarate easily. Control Change

Change Impact Analysis and Change Propagation.

Keep the entire team on the same page. Eliminate Change related risk
Track & Deliver
Personalized Dashboard

See Release and Project level view of health

Avoid surprises. Be ready for audits. See Traceability, Testing and Completion views

Define your Requirement Types

Organize your folders in a Hierarchy

Define your own Attributes to suit your process

Set up your Apporval work flow

Define your Team Roles & assign members

Users can be in Multiple Roles

Role have granular permissions on folders

Approve Requirements

Import from Excel

Import from Word & Generate Word Reportss

Trace (Connect) Requirements across the organizations

Use Trace-Matrix to see relationships across groups

Use Trace-Tree to see the relationship flow

Quickly identify Missed (Dangling) requirements

Dashboards to identify troublespots

Release Metrics

$30 Per User Month

Unlimited Use

On Your Premises
Some users prefer to host TraceCloud in their own data centers.

Contact for On Premises pricing

I Want To ... Have a Simple and Easy to Use tool
     Create A Project and Requirements in 10 mins or less          

     Connect your Requirements, Organize in to folders, Run & Email Report in 10 mins or less          

     Comment, Collaborate, Invite Others and Get approval in 10 mins or less          

I Want To ... Gather & Organize
     Define my own Requirement Types to suit my process          

     Define custom attributes for each Requirement Type          

     Define a Folder Hierarchy so related requirements can be grouped          

     Import from Excel and Word          

     Have a Web Form where users can enter new Requirements          

     Assign Ownership         

I Want To ... Connect & Trace
     Connect Requirements to UpStream and DownStream work         

     Easily Identify Missed (Dangling) requirements         

     Have a Matrix view of Traceability (Trace Matrix)

     Have a Tree view of Requirements and their downstream dependencies

I Want To ... Control & Collaborate
     Control who can see / edit / delete Requirements

     Lock down Requirements


     Get Approval

I Want To ... Track and Deliver
     Owner View

     Folder View

     Baseline View

     Release View

     Project View

     Audit Trail

     Coming back from a vacation

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