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What can TraceCloud do for you?
Put a structure around your project

Define Requirement Types, Attributes, Roles , Users & Permissions.

Import from Excel & Word and have a centralized view
Connect & Trace
Connect Requirements to downstream objects.

Identify Missed work, Suspect Traces & Release Risk.

See Trace Matrix and Trace Tree views of your work
Control & Collaborate
Collaborate easily. Control Change

Change Impact Analysis and Change Propagation.

Keep the entire team on the same page. Eliminate Change related risk
Track & Deliver
Personalized Dashboard

See Release and Project level view of health

Avoid surprises. Be ready for audits. See Traceability, Testing and Completion views

I Want To ... Have a Simple and Easy to Use tool
     Create A Project and Requirements in 10 mins or less          

     Connect your Requirements, Organize in to folders, Run & Email Report in 10 mins or less          

     Comment, Collaborate, Invite Others and Get approval in 10 mins or less          

I Want To ... Gather & Organize
     Define my own Requirement Types to suit my process          

     Define custom attributes for each Requirement Type          

     Define a Folder Hierarchy so related requirements can be grouped          

     Import from Excel and Word          

     Have a Web Form where users can enter new Requirements          

     Assign Ownership         

I Want To ... Connect & Trace
     Connect Requirements to UpStream and DownStream work         

     Easily Identify Missed (Dangling) requirements         

     Have a Matrix view of Traceability (Trace Matrix)

     Have a Tree view of Requirements and their downstream dependencies

I Want To ... Control & Collaborate
     Control who can see / edit / delete Requirements

     Lock down Requirements


     Get Approval

I Want To ... Track and Deliver
     Owner View

     Folder View

     Baseline View

     Release View

     Project View

     Audit Trail

     Coming back from a vacation