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TraceCloud + Jira On Atlassian Marketplace

Manage ALL your Product and Project Requirements on Jira

Seamless integration between Jira Epics, Stories & Tasks and Customer Requirements, Product Requirements and Systems Requirements.

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Provide Structure

Define a Requirements Management Plan for your project and have the whole team follow that plan. Helps a distributed team be on the same page.

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Flexibility of Operation

Leverage TraceCloud's flexibility to map to your existing process. Define your own Requirement Types , Approval Workflows etc...

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Change Control

Provide a structure where only some users can modify the requirements and those changes go through an approval flow.

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Connect & Trace

Connect Requirements to one another and use TraceCloud to see the TraceMatrix and TraceTree relationships. Have the system identify missing and misinterpreted requirements .

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Control & Collaborate

Collaborate with a distributed team. Use TraceCloud to identify , control and manage the change to requirements. Easily report on Dangling, Orphan, Suspect and Unapproved requirements

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Track & Deliver

Built in dashboards that report Approval, Traceability & Completion information at User, Folder, Release and Project level. Deliver with confidence.

Flexible! TraceCloud is flexible. It has been used by customers in Civil Engineering, Systems Engineering, Medical Device manufacturing and Aerospace engineering areas to manage their project delivery. You can configure the project to suit your Requirements Management Process.

Connect Requirements.

Make a daisy chain of requirements and visualize hierarchical relationship. Identify Dangling, Orphan and Suspect Requirements

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A complete solution for your project

TraceCloud is designed to bring your team together to deliver successful projects.

  • Cloud or On-Prem:Available as SaaS (Cloud) or as On-Premises solution.
  • Common Process: Help your distributed project team follow a common, well documented process.
  • Consolidation: Move away from using Excel files to manage your requirements. Use a central database to bring all information together.
  • Traceability:Connect requirements and generate TraceTree & TraceMatrix reports to manage change.
  • Change Management: Control change and ensure that all the change to requirements are approved & tracked.
  • Approval Workflow & Audit Trail: Manage approvals with a simple but configurable work-flow. You also want an audit trail to track changes.
  • Baselining : Baseline your requirements at a point in time and track progress since the baseline.
  • Collaboration : Enable a large globally distributed team to be on the same page and share ideas.
  • Global & Shared Requirements : Share best practices across projects. Template well run projects and hit the ground running for future projects.
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Collect, Organize, Connect and Report

Comment, Collaborate, Get Approval & Deliver

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Built for awesomeness

We have been evolving since 2009. We prioritize user-feedback and use it to make the system better for everyone.

Ease of Use

TraceCloud is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. The layout is similar to Mac Finder / Windows Explorer, with Excel like spreadsheets and easy to generate reports.

Dashboards give you context sensitive information so you can focus on relevant troublespots.

Quick Ramp-Up

You don't need formal training to come up to speed with the tool.

Since the tool is flexible and maps to your existing process, there is no additional training required to come up to speed.

Works at Scale

TraceCloud is designed to work at scale. Since our design is centered around Traceabiity, we have paid a lot of attention to 'Performance while doing deep tracing'.

For example : Doing a multi level trace , while reporting on attributes at each level

Complete Project Management in your hand

Gather Requirements. Capture attributes. Collaborate. Modify. Track changes. Report . Connect Requirements. Get Approval. Track delivery. Ensure completeness. Prove Traceability, Show Audit Trail. Save Change Log. Avoid surprises. Deliver success.

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What our customers say

Bring structure to your Requirements Management Process.
Increase transparency. Reduce confusion. Avoid surprises

Pawel P
Product Director, Sonar Systems. Norbit

Excellent tool for systematic approach to requirement feasibility. Lined up understanding and focus of the team working on the project.

Structured approach keeps team on focused development path. This is the biggest strength. Helps avoid misundestandings and serves as a common discussion / collaborations online platform for dynamic team.

Helps relate the requirements to actual development work.

Jeanne A
Principal Quality Engineer, Medical Devices, Chrono Therapeutics

Traceability is the primary value from this software (among standards, user needs, requirements, risk controls, interface control documents, test protocols). Previously performed all tracing via Word and Excel tables which is very labor intensive, fragile and error prone.

Good for creating an auditable set of linkages from "customer story" through requirements to test artifacts.

Alex D
Systems Integration Engineer. Transportation. PurpleLine Transit Connection

TraceCloud has been overall a great tool for implementing practical Systems Engineering practices into the transit infrastructure industry which has not traditionally accepted practices such as requirements verification and validation, and interface management. The customer support has been very helpful as well, and we look forward to expanding this SW across our company's infrastructure business line.

Peter B
Environmental Engineer, Power Generation, Tekniskaverken

My Project Manager reviewed this 5/5 in April 2016. Since then it has got even better. Exceptionally attentive support and willingness to enhance the product in line with its philosophy. We use TraceCloud heavily in our project and have found it to be flexible, powerful, simple to use and a project backbone in a multi-disciplinary, multi-dimensional requirements collection process that has stretched well over 1 year now and now leads us to purchasing. We will continue to rely on TraceCloud during evaluation, negotiation and implementation of our new system to be..

Naren S
Product Manager, Storage Systems, Network Appliances

We have used it to internally track our organization's projects. Great for systems engineering and for tightly tracking changes, managing traceability and collaborating across the globe. We haven't used the more advanced features, but good to know that they exist The UI has been changing (for the better) over the past couple of years. I recommend this product for others.

Really useful features

Our goal is to have an Intuitive & Easy to Use system.
We enhance the system based on feedback from the field.

Configurable Projects

Map the system to meet your needs. Take your existing process and see it reflected in a common database.

2 Way Excel Integration

Import your existing Excel files. Generate reports , Export to Excel, Share, Modify and Reimport.

Folders and Sub folders

Define Folders and Sub Folders and organize your requirements. As Intuitive & Easy to use as Mac Finder or Windows Exporer.

Roles & Permissions

Define Roles, Assign users these roles. Set folder level permissions to these roles. Control access and change .


Trace / Connect requirements to one another. Identify Dangling (No downstream) and Orphan (No upstream) requirements.

Trace Matrix

Show a matrix of relationships between different sets of requirements.

Trace Tree

Build a hierarchy of relationships and travel down the tree. Be able to report on a of related requirements.

Approval Workflow

Ensure that the right set of people are approving the changes. Set up a hierarchy of approval roles .

Audit Trail

A Changelog keeps track of ALL the changes in the system. So its easy to provide an audit trail .


Dashboards at User, Folder, Baseline, Release and Project Level lets you slice data at multiple view levels.

Custom Reports

You can generate reports across Folders, Requirement Types, Traceability Chains and Releases. You can make custom word reports .

Shared & Global Requirements

You can share common requirements (Best Practices, Quality Requirements) across multiple projects.

We invest in your success

We succeed when you succeed. We will share our expertise and help you refine your Requirements Management Plan and implement it in TraceCloud. You will have a well defined process, Team members who know that process and a system executing at peak capacity.

Unlimited technical support

You will be assigned a Technical Account Manager and he / she is there to help you succeed. Technical support is included in your subscription plan.

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