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Online / On Premises Requirements Management System

Why Use TraceCloud:

How Projects Fail

Failure to Define, Track and Manage Requirements is the root cause of many failed projects and cost over runs. When you look back at some of your old projects, you may recognize these symptoms:

  • Lack of clearly defined Requirements
  • Relationship between Requirements was not clear. Which led to
    • Changes to Business Requirements that were not communicated to Developers
    • Changes to Functional Requirements that QA was not aware of, hence did not test
    • Unauthorized Changes to Requirements
  • Lack of visibility into a Project's trouble spots
  • Lack of a way to easily report on Requirements and their status.

A Requirements Management Tool like TraceCloud and a 'Requirements Management Plan' that you define can go a long way towards solving these problems.

How TraceCloud can help

  • Fully integrated Defects, Requirements and Test Management system .
  • Built in Change Control Board & Approval Work Flow Engine to ensure change is managed.
  • A SaaS solution to reduce TCO and an On Site solution to give you more control.
  • Powerful two way Excel and Word Integration.
  • Focus on Performance and Ease of Use
  • Built in Metrics & Dashboards to suit your role. Visibility at Project, Release, Baseline, Folder and User level.
  • Ability to Baseline a collection of Requirements and track them as an entity.

The easy transition

  • Software As A Service (SaaS): No installation / set up required. All you need is a browser.
  • Flexibility : Every organization has a business process that works. TraceCloud is flexible easily customizes to support your process.
  • Plug & Play : A RESTful Web services API (JSON) helps integrate with your existing system.
  • Context Sensitive Help : Task based context sensitive You Tube videos are sprinkled through out the tool.
  • Reduced TCO & Easy Pilots : Since we are a SAAS solution, you can quickly pilot this (for free) for your organization. If you decide to go live with it, you can either continue to use the SAAS model or the On Site model. With the SAAS model, you pay on Per User Month or per Project Month basis, so you avoid large up front costs.
  • Secure, Scalable and Reliable : We use 128 bit SSL encryption and are hosted on Amazon's Elastic Cloud infrastructure. The Amazon Cloud is the secret behind our Scalability and Reliability.

Community Service

What users are saying:

The tracing of requirements, from top to bottom, is easy for everybody. Also because of the intuitive GUI and consistent layout of all levels of requirements. So everybody needs just 30 minutes to be able to work with it. The more people work with a requirements tool, the better the requirements will be.

TraceCloud allows me to work with multi level requirements in such an easy controlled way, that it speaks for itself.

Since TraceCloud saves me a lot of stress, I have mentioned it, and will continue to mention it, to colleagues in the field that are struggling with requirements management and test management

From a project perspective my client was looking for something like Telelogic Doors. From a testing perspective I was looking for something like Mercury Quality Center (previously called Test-Director). TraceCloud easily combined the 2 outstanding packages in a workable and easy to understand Saas solution

As a satisfied administrator and user of a TraceCloud project for more then 6 month, I would like to express my appreciation for such a fine piece of software, you and your team have been putting together (and still do) in such a small time.